About Trap Ink

Welcome to Trap Ink, a premium tattoo shop in Bradenton, Florida
Trap Ink has been owned and operated by Keegan Koga since 2011, but the tattoo shop has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Keegan’s best friend, Jason Demarzio, first attempted to open a tattoo shop in a tiny, cramped room within a barbershop. Because of the size of the space, Jason lovingly referred to it as a “trap spot,” which then inspired the name Trap Ink. After the tattoo shop closed when the barbershop went out of business, Keegan was determined to bring his friend’s vision to life to honor the man who originally introduced him to the tattoo industry.

Now, Trap Ink has grown to offer tattoos for men and women, including custom tattoo designs created by our skilled team of artists. From portraits and flower tattoos to complete tattoo sleeves, the team at our tattoo shop can help bring your tattoo idea to life.

Tattoo shops tend to look dark and uninviting, but Keegan set out to change that with the new Trap Ink location. The new location offers customers a comfortable atmosphere unlike any other in the Bradenton area. Walk inside Trap Ink, and you won’t feel like you’re stepping into just another tattoo shop. The space has been uniquely designed with clean and shiny surfaces, and an open, welcoming floor plan.

But, the location is not the only aspect of Trap Ink that sets this tattoo shop apart from the rest. Customers are attracted to Trap Ink because of our diverse, friendly and talented group of tattoo artists. We view our customers as members of our extended family—in fact, many customers mix and mingle with our artists outside of the shop.

Don’t believe us? Stop by to see our new location and meet our team during our business hours:

Sunday Closed
Monday 1–8PM
Tuesday 1–8PM
Wednesday 1–8PM
Thursday 1–8PM
Friday 1–10PM
Saturday 1–10PM

Tattoo Shop Hygiene FAQs
Learn more about how we provide a clean environment with qualified tattoo artists
It’s no secret that hygiene is a crucial part of a tattoo shop’s success, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure our facilities are kept clean at all times. But, we understand you may want more information on how our tattoo shop is kept clean, and how qualified our artists truly are, so take a look at these frequently asked questions:

Are the tattoo artists qualified?
Our brilliant tattoo artists are more than qualified to turn your tattoo ideas into a creative work of art. Tattoo artists cannot legally work in tattoo shops without a license, and even with a license, artists must be invited by other artists to begin working at a tattoo parlor. The state of Florida will not send an artist the required biohazard certificate until he or she can provide proof of working at an approved parlor like Trap Ink.

Each of our tattoo artists here at Trap Ink is certified by the state in bloodborne and airborne pathogens. This certification has to be renewed on an annual basis to ensure each artist continues to exercise good judgment and perform at a high standard.

How do I know the equipment is safe?
Many people are concerned the needles used to create cool tattoos are unsanitary, but rest assured, you do not have cause for concern when you visit Trap Ink. All of the needles used at Trap Ink are completely disposable to ensure they are never used more than once. Our tools are cleaned with state certified liquid cleaner, cavicide, which decontaminates surfaces within 60 seconds.

Everything in our tattoo shop—needles, inks, tubes and machines—is inspected by the state on an annual basis. Each of the rooms in our shop has a sink so our artists can thoroughly wash their hands before and after working with a client. Aprons are also provided to our artists to keep bodily fluids off of their clothing.

Can I get tattooed at someone’s home?
Has someone offered to create tattoo sleeves or a small tribal design for you in their home? Remember, home tattooing is considered a home surgery in the state of Florida and charged as a felon. Besides the legal consequences of home tattooing, it is also extremely unsafe since these artists do not take the same precautions as certified tattoo shops. Never trust a home tattoo artist to tattoo your body—stop by Trap Ink to see how our artists can transform your idea into a creative, unique piece of art.