Angel Pola

black&grey / realism

about Angel Pola

Being one of three brothers who are all professional tattoo artists, Angel “Puto” Pola is no stranger to tattoo shops. Angel has over a decade of experience, so clients trust him to tackle the toughest and more technically challenging designs.

His work is unique and easily identifiable, which has helped him build a strong reputation and following in the community. Angel’s New York roots shine through in his tattoos, which are characterized by a bold, graffiti/graphic style, and clean, solid bold lines. He is known for his smooth shading and bright, colorful pieces that are full of life and character.

Clients love his straightforward approach and expansive knowledge about tattooing. Although he has a “let’s get down to business” attitude, Angel opens up to clients and loves to talk about his favorite things in life: food, UFC, his family and sports.

Angel intuitively understands what will work best for each client, and he uses this knowledge to create unique designs for each client. Tell Angel your vision, and watch as he thinks of tattoo ideas and helps you bring it to life in ways you never thought possible.

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