Keegan Kee-Li

black & grey / realism

about Keegan Kee-Li

Over 10 years ago, Keegan “Kee-li” Koga’s best friend, Jason Demarzian, introduced him to a local tattoo artist. Keegan was immediately drawn to and intrigued by tattooing, but he thought of it as just a hobby. After becoming more involved in the tattoo industry, Keegan realized this was his true calling and the rest is history.

Originally from California, Keegan has a unique set of skills that are not very common in tattoo shops in Florida. He specializes in portraits and smooth, black and grey photo realism tattoos. Because it’s so difficult to find an artist who has mastered this tattoo style, Keegan is highly sought after in the Bradenton area.

But, Keegan’s work is not limited to black and grey tattoo. Over time, his style has involved into also include high contrast, photo realistic color pieces. Keegan is a perfectionist, so he prefers if clients bring in very specific, detailed reference pictures so he can truly capture the client’s vision.

Although he is very serious and focused on his work, Keegan loves getting to know the clients he works with. In fact, some of his clients often refer to sessions with Keegan as “tattoo therapy,” since his many life experiences make it easy for him to relate to everyone.

Most of his free time is spent with his daughter, so unfortunately Keegan is only available three days a week. Because of his limited availability and reputation in the community, Keegan’s schedule fills up quickly. If you are a new customer, feel free to stop by on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays when he’s in so you can meet one-on-one with Keegan and nail down an appointment to bring your tattoo ideas to life.

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