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about Nick Jackson

“Sick” Nick Jackson has been tattooing for 7 years, and has managed to build an incredible reputation in the tattoo industry and within local tattoo shops. The locals know Sick Nick as one of the genuinely nicest people in the area, while nationally renowned artists recognize Sick Nick’s creativity and commitment to his craft.

Growing up in Detroit, Sick Nick was always interested in drawing and creating unique art. But, he did not enter the tattoo industry until he moved to Bradenton, Florida, where he took an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlor. Since then, he’s been fully immersed in the tattoo industry and dedicated to his work. He makes as much time as possible for his two passions in life: drawing and his son. But when he’s not in the shop or with his son, you may see him skateboarding around the area.

Sick Nick is known for his fun, vibrant and colorful tattoo style that often features references from Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When Sick Nick tattoos a customer, he becomes completely absorbed in his work and is unaffected by everything around him. Check out Sick Nick’s work and schedule an appointment if you want him to transform your tattoo ideas into a unique work of art.

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